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GraspLet IoT In Transportation

Experience a variety of connected solutions through our cutting-edge IoT platform.

Uniting The Dynamic World in Motion

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised transportation worldwide, streamlining logistics and supply chain operations, improving the passenger experience, championing environmental sustainability, and facilitating data-driven insights. Enhancements in safety, reductions in costs, and increased efficiencies lead to improved experiences for both businesses and individuals.

GraspLet provides the transportation sector worldwide with dependable, secure, and economical global IoT connectivity. Tailored solutions are crafted following our comprehensive comprehension of the distinct needs of transportation firms, guaranteeing efficient and optimised connectivity for vehicles, assets, and infrastructure.

Extensive Network Reach

GraspLet SIM leverages partnerships with network operators around the world, providing extensive coverage in both urban and remote areas, which is extremely important for transportation companies that operate across various regions or travel to remote locations. SIM connects to the strongest available signal, enabling seamless data transmission and real-time monitoring of transportation operations.

Scalability and Flexibility

GraspLet provides the flexibility for transportation companies to easily scale their connectivity resources up or down. Data plans and connectivity options can be adjusted without penalty, enabling connectivity optimisation while managing costs effectively.

Streamlined Operations

GraspCONTROL is a centralised SIM Management platform built to enable the monitoring and control of IoT devices, data usage, and connectivity status. Transportation companies can access real-time data, optimising connectivity resources from a single interface, enhancing operational efficiency, and simplifying deployments.

Security & Compliance

GraspLet prioritises security and compliance in all our connectivity solutions. Robust security measures protect IoT devices, data transmission, and communication, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of sensitive data transmitted over cellular networks.

Some of the many applications we are connecting in Transportation...

Coach Fleet


IoT Connectivity can be utilised to provide real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles in a fleet, allowing companies to optimise routes, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance overall fleet performance.

Drove view of road


With IoT connectivity, vehicle telematics systems can collect and transmit data on vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior, and performance metrics, enabling better maintenance scheduling & insurance risk. assessment, 

ANR Camera


Traffic management systems can gather data from various sources such as vehicles, traffic signals, and road sensors to optimise traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve overall transportation efficiency.

People monitoring graphs


GraspLet's Semless IoT Connectvity enables real-time monitoring of public transportation vehicles, allowing for predictive maintenance scheduling based on usage patterns and diagnostic data.

Person working in warehouse


IoT connectivity can enhance supply chain visibility by tracking goods in transit, monitoring temperature and humidity conditions, and providing real-time updates on shipment status, ensuring timely deliveries.

Car Park


Integrating  IoT connectivity into parking management systems enables real-time monitoring of parking spaces, providing drivers with accurate information on available spots and optimizing parking space utilization in urban areas.

City Image


IoT connectivity support the development of connected infrastructure for autonomous vehicles, enabling communication between vehicles, traffic signals, and other roadside infrastructure to facilitate safe and efficient navigation.

Vehicle on Maps

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)

GraspLet enables insurance providers to offer Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) programs, tailoring premiums to real-time driving behavior data. By analyzing factors such as speed, acceleration, and braking.

Discover the Unmatched Intelligence and Innovation of GraspLet's Global SIM

GraspLet Global IoT SIM

One Innovative SIM

Connect any device, any network, anywhere with one global SIM.

One Advanced Platform 

Simplify IoT deployment management globally with our all-in-one SIM management platform: Connect, Visualise, Control, Support, and Invoice IoT devices and services from one interface.

One IoT Connectivity Partner

Seamlessly connect any device to a local network in any country without having to manage multiple carrier relationships.


Global SIM


Countries Network Coverage


Global Cellular Networks 

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