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Powering Energy and Utility Solutions with Seamless Connectivity 

Ensuring reliable SIM-based cellular solutions tailored for mission-critical applications.

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Enabling IoT Connectivity in Energy and Utilities

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised the energy and utilities sector. Developments in monitoring, management, and maintenance have resulted in energy systems that are more sustainable, efficient, and dependable, empowering consumers to actively engage in energy management.

Reliable connectivity is essential for energy and utility companies. The GraspLet Innovative SIM facilitates multiple carrier networks, centrally managed on a single platform, offering dependable and efficient connectivity. This enables the optimisation of energy infrastructure and enhances operational efficiency across the energy and utility sector.

Extensive Network Reach

GraspLet SIM connects to multiple carrier networks, enabling expansive and redundant coverage. Deployed devices have access to reliable connectivity in both urban and remote areas. SIM automatically connects to the strongest carrier signal available, supporting uninterrupted data transmission and real-time monitoring across the energy infrastructure.

Scalability and Flexibility

As the scope of energy initiatives and IoT implementations expands, GraspLet offers the versatility to seamlessly increase connectivity resources. Through customisable data plans and adaptable connectivity solutions, energy and utility enterprises can efficiently optimise their connectivity, effectively control expenses, and remain responsive to evolving demands.

Streamlined Operations

GraspCONTROL is a centralised SIM Management platform that was built to allow the monitoring and control of IoT devices, data usage, and connectivity status. This centralised management approach streamlines operations, reduces manual intervention, and accelerates device onboarding and troubleshooting.

Security & Compliance

GraspLet prioritises security and compliance in all of our connectivity solutions. Robust security measures protect IoT devices, data transmission, and communication to ensure compliance with industry regulations and data privacy requirements. Energy companies are able to maintain a secure and compliant IoT infrastructure, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data.

We connect a range of applications using IoT connectivity for energy management.

Checking the electricity box


Proactively identify equipment issues before they occur, minimising downtime and maximising operational efficiency through IoT-enabled predictive maintenance solutions.

Solar Operations


Harness the potential of IoT to fine-tune operational processes and boost system performance, ensuring peak output and resource utilisation across diverse applications.

Smart Home System


Revolutionise traditional utility metering with IoT integration, enabling precise measurement, monitoring, and management of energy consumption for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Solar Panels


Seize control of energy consumption and distribution with IoT-driven power management solutions, optimising usage, reducing waste & promoting sustainable practices for a greener future.


Leading Secure Solutions for Asset Connectivity

In today's expanding landscape of interconnected markets, GraspLet offers market-leading connectivity solutions tailored to key energy and utility applications. Our solutions provide secure, mission-critical communications that underpin local, regional, and national infrastructure projects. Covering a diverse range of uses, our connected solutions utilize local, steered, and non-steered roaming, along with global IoT data SIMs.

Simplifying on-site deployments for engineers, our solutions offer seamless connectivity and 'plug-and-play' pre-configuration, ensuring devices are ready to connect from day one. From industrial metering to monitoring major energy producer installations, GraspLet's cellular connectivity stands out for its security, resilience, and reliability in communication.

Customised Low and High-Bandwidth IoT Connectivity

Understanding that data throughput requirements vary for each application, we tailor our solutions to meet expected data usage levels. Our tariffs are customised for each deployment, whether for single units or across multiple devices with data aggregation. Determining the best value tariffs involves considering factors such as project longevity, network usage (single or multiple), security levels required, and location. Throughout the deployment process, our 'stress-tests' ensure that applications handle expected data loads, all managed and monitored through the GraspCONTROL management platform.


Security Every Step of the Way

Ensuring data safety and security is paramount for every application. The potential repercussions of corrupted or hacked information are significant, whether for commercial organizations or the public sector. At GraspLet, we prioritise locking down, encrypting, and delivering the most resilient private network overlays to safeguard data throughout its journey.

Discover the Unmatched Intelligence and Innovation of GraspLet's Global SIM

GraspLet Global IoT SIM

One Innovative SIM

Connect any device, any network, anywhere with one global SIM.

One Advanced Platform 

Simplify IoT deployment management globally with our all-in-one SIM management platform: Connect, Visualise, Control, Support, and Invoice IoT devices and services from one interface.

One IoT Connectivity Partner

Seamlessly connect any device to a local network in any country without having to manage multiple carrier relationships.


Global SIM


Countries Network Coverage


Global Cellular Networks 

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