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Connecting the Manufacturing Universe with Secure IoT Solutions 

From the inception of production to the final assembly, ensuring secure and robust SIM-based connectivity.

Streamlining Device Management and Control

IoT innovations have enhanced predictive maintenance, supply chain optimisation, quality control, real-time monitoring, smart factory concepts, energy efficiency, data-driven insights, worker safety, and operational efficiencies in the manufacturing sector. These improvements have boosted productivity, elevated product quality, trimmed costs, and spurred ongoing innovations in the industry.


GraspLet offers tailored connectivity solutions with extensive network coverage that are both scalable and secure. Provisioning dependable and secure connectivity enables the real-time monitoring and management of manufacturing operations, optimising processes and bolstering operational efficiency.

Extensive Network Reach

GraspLet utilises partnerships with multiple network operators in a single location, providing extensive network coverage in both urban and remote areas. This ensures that manufacturing facilities, production lines, and warehouses have reliable connectivity, regardless of their location.

Scalability and Flexibility

GraspLet offers the flexibility to easily scale up connectivity resources as retail operations grow. Customisable data plans and connectivity options can be adjusted to accommodate changing requirements, allowing manufacturers to optimise their connectivity, manage costs effectively, and adapt to evolving needs.

Streamlined Operations

GraspCONTROL is a centralised SIM Management platform built to enable the monitoring and control of IoT devices, data usage, and connectivity status. Manufacturers can access real-time data, optimising connectivity resources from a single interface, enhancing operational efficiency, and simplifying deployments.

Security & Compliance

GraspLet prioritises security and compliance in all our connectivity solutions. Robust security measures protect IoT devices, data transmission, and communication, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of sensitive data transmitted over cellular networks.

Some of the many applications we are connecting in manufacturing...

Checking the electricity box


Enabling real-time monitoring of soil conditions, weather patterns, and crop health. Farmers can optimise irrigation schedules, implement precision farming techniques, and enhance crop yields while conserving resources.

Solar Operations


Integrate IoT connectivity into industrial processes for efficient data exchange, remote monitoring, and control. Enhance productivity, streamline operations, and improve decision-making with real-time insights.

Smart Home System


IoT Connectivity enables remote diagnostics, software updates, and predictive maintenance. Improve customer satisfaction, reduce downtime, and unlock new revenue streams through value-added services.

Solar Operations


Enhance SCADA systems with IoT connectivity to remotely monitor & control critical infrastructure, such as power plants, water treatment facilities & transportation networks by Ensuring reliability, safety & compliance.

Checking the electricity box


Deploy IoT connectivity for monitoring of environmental conditions, equipment status, and facility security. Enable real-time alerts, data logging, and analytics to optimise resource utilisation, mitigate risks, and improve overall system performance

Solar Panels


Leverage IoT connectivity to implement predictive maintenance strategies, detecting equipment anomalies & potential failures before they occur. Maximise asset uptime, repair costs, & optimise maintenance schedules

Discover the Unmatched Intelligence and Innovation of GraspLet's Global SIM

GraspLet Global IoT SIM

One Innovative SIM

Connect any device, any network, anywhere with one global SIM.

One Advanced Platform 

Simplify IoT deployment management globally with our all-in-one SIM management platform: Connect, Visualise, Control, Support, and Invoice IoT devices and services from one interface.

One IoT Connectivity Partner

Seamlessly connect any device to a local network in any country without having to manage multiple carrier relationships.


Global SIM


Countries Network Coverage


Global Cellular Networks 

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