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Global IoT Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Unlock the power of cellular connectivity for your IoT devices globally with just a single click. Our fully automated service platform requires only a username and password to get started. Begin deploying your IoT devices worldwide effortlessly, tapping into the future of connectivity.

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Power Your IoT Journey With Our Solution

GraspLet offers dependable worldwide coverage via a single SIM card, tapping into a network of over 600 carriers across 180+ countries. Our innovative Multi-IMSI solution facilitates the activation of devices globally, ensuring seamless cellular connectivity for IoT via local carriers, thus bypassing Permanent Roaming limitations. Our unique technology equips millions of individuals and businesses to remotely activate, configure, and monitor devices regardless of their deployment location.

All GraspLet SIMs are eUICC enabled and are accessible in triple-size plastic SIM cards, eSIM chips (embedded MFF2), and over-the-air eSIMs.

A Full Stack Of IoT Connectivity Solutions

At the forefront of the industry, we excel in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the evolving connectivity demands of the IoT landscape. No matter your requirements, we offer the perfect solution to kickstart your IoT ventures.


Discover unparalleled global connectivity with GraspLet SIM cards. Harness the power of over 600 networks spanning 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT, LTE-M and 5G across 180+ countries, including all major network operators worldwide.


Take control of your IoT devices with ease through our centralised SIM management platform. No more hassle of changing SIM cards or dealing with complex roaming agreements. Save time, effort, and administrative overhead.


GraspLet SIMs ensure uninterrupted connectivity by automatically switching to the strongest available network. Say goodbye to downtime due to carrier outages or weak signals as your devices seamlessly connect for optimal performance.


Ensure the security of your devices and data with our agentless security suite. Experience multi-layered protection without compromising on IoT device performance, safeguarding your assets in an ever-connected world.


Experience secure, smart connectivity with our Private Network Infrastructure. Benefit from fixed IP addresses for your IoT SIMs, ensuring data security. Our Dedicated private APNs, VPNs, and Fixed public IPs safeguard your data and reputation.


Seamless connectivity across borders with our advanced technology. Our solution combines the benefits of multi-IMSI and eUICC technologies, enabling devices to autonomously switch to local networks and eliminating roaming hassles.


Experience streamlined billing with our advanced solution - receive one comprehensive invoice tailored to accommodate various operators, currencies, plans, and features, extending beyond mere connectivity to cater to all your IoT device needs.


Ensuring adherence to data privacy regulations like GDPR, our system guarantees that data is kept within the country of origin and can be promptly disconnected if required by law, safeguarding sensitive info and ensuring legal compliance.


Our IoT connectivity services transcend traditional boundaries, empowering businesses to innovate with the agility of cloud technology. Whether your model is conventional or avant-garde, our solutions adapt to fuel your vision for success.

GraspCONTROL: IoT Connectivity Management Platform

Experience the ultimate IoT connectivity management solution, encompassing all essential tools for modern IoT service providers. Seamlessly oversee IoT assets across diverse networks and multiple deployments with unrivalled security - all consolidated within a single platform.

GraspCONTROL is accessible to all our customers and seamlessly integrated into our IoT cellular connectivity solution. Accessed via the cloud, it requires no software downloads and boasts high-security measures with multi-level access.

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Lifecycle Management

From the moment IoT devices are produced to when they are operational at their intended location, GraspCONTROL assists in overseeing the distinct lifecycle of IoT devices. With features such as factory and test modes integrated into the system and real-time functions like Activation and Suspension, you have precise oversight of your deployed assets and connected devices from any location, at any time.

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Automated Network Steering

From the moment IoT devices are produced to when they are operational at their intended location, GraspCONTROL assists in overseeing the distinct lifecycle of IoT devices. With features such as factory and test modes integrated into the system and real-time functions like Activation and Suspension, you have precise oversight of your deployed assets and connected devices from any location, at any time.

Expand Your Global Reach

Are your current roaming agreements limited by the concept of "Permanent Roaming"? Do privacy concerns arise in certain countries? Are you experiencing subpar performance when roaming abroad? With GraspLet global connectivity service, you can address these three key challenges:

  1. Permanent Roaming Restrictions

  2. Privacy GDPR restrictions

  3. Performance Issues such as low throughput and high latency

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Advanced Billing

GraspCONTROL integrates a comprehensive IoT billing solution, offering remarkable adaptability for day-to-day operations  seamless adjustment to evolving business models. Tailor custom tariffs, bundles, and plans to suit your needs. Implement real-time charging to manage costs effectively prevent fraud, and take advantage of flexible multi-currency settings for instant foreign exchange conversions. Enjoy the convenience of receiving a consolidated bill for all IoT components, extending beyond just connectivity.


Embracing the Potential of IoT

Our IoT solutions are designed to adapt to the unique demands of today's economy. With our software-defined infrastructure, we empower businesses to explore various customer-centric models, from prepaid to postpaid, pooled plans, one-time setups, and beyond. Our approach caters to both Low ARPU and High ARPU devices, providing tailored business strategies that equip our clients for success in the dynamic LPWA market.


Customised Alerts & Dashboards

Craft tailored alerts and notifications to promptly tackle financial, operational, and technical challenges across various scenarios. Our advanced dashboards offer executives and business owners a constantly refreshed, comprehensive view of their entire IoT operations, delivering valuable insights at all times.

Advanced Security

We prioritise security at every step of our process, from development and coding guidelines to implementing top-notch security measures to safeguard our infrastructure. Our approach includes robust data management practices, regular security checks, and thorough penetration tests. With ISO 27001 certification, we're committed to ongoing enhancements in our work methods and the connectivity solutions we offer, ensuring utmost security for our clients.

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Discover a unique feature exclusive to our service – your SIMs possess the ability to seamlessly connect to alternate networks whenever coverage issues arise or in the event of network outages. Through our Autonomous Switching technology, you can now provide High Availability packages to clients with utmost reliability for their mission-critical requirements.

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