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Case Study 

Driving Success in Telecom:

A Case Study on USA MVNO Services Implementation


InfiMobile, a burgeoning player in the telecommunications industry, sought to establish its presence in the competitive landscape of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) services in the United States. To achieve this goal, InfiMobile collaborated with GraspLet, a leading consultancy specializing in MVNO services. This case study delves into the comprehensive strategy devised by GraspLet to facilitate InfiMobile's successful entry and sustained growth in the US MVNO market.


As the telecommunications sector in the US continues to evolve rapidly, the MVNO market presents lucrative opportunities for new entrants. However, navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance, technological infrastructure, and consumer preferences requires expert guidance. InfiMobile recognized the need for a seasoned partner to navigate these challenges and enlisted GraspLet's expertise.

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Challenges Faced:

Platform Architecture Planning:

Designing a scalable and robust platform architecture to support InfiMobile's operations while ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Rating & Billing Systems:

Implementing efficient rating and billing systems to accurately monetize services and streamline revenue management processes.

BSS Application Integrations:

Integrating Business Support Systems (BSS) applications to automate key functions such as customer management, provisioning, and billing.

Proposition Design:

Develop compelling service propositions tailored to meet the needs of target customer segments and differentiate InfiMobile from competitors.

Strategic Advisory:

Providing strategic guidance on market positioning, pricing strategies, and partnership opportunities to maximize InfiMobile's competitive advantage.

Solution Provided by GraspLet:

Platform Architecture Planning:

Leveraging their technical expertise, GraspLet designed a scalable platform architecture that accommodated InfiMobile's current needs while allowing for future expansion and innovation.

Rating & Billing Systems Implementation:

GraspLet implemented advanced rating and billing systems, enabling InfiMobile to accurately charge for services and optimize revenue streams.

BSS Application Integrations:

GraspLet seamlessly integrated BSS applications, enabling InfiMobile to automate key operational processes and enhance efficiency.

Proposition Design:

Through market research and analysis, GraspLet collaborated with InfiMobile to develop compelling service propositions tailored to target customer segments, fostering customer acquisition and retention.

Strategic Advisory Services:

GraspLet provided ongoing strategic guidance, helping InfiMobile navigate market dynamics, capitalize on emerging trends, and forge strategic partnerships to drive growth and profitability.

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Results and Impact:

Thanks to GraspLet's comprehensive support, InfiMobile successfully launched its MVNO services in the US market, gaining traction among consumers and industry stakeholders. Key outcomes include:

  • Rapid market penetration and customer acquisition, exceeding initial projections.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined processes, leading to cost savings and improved margins.

  • Differentiated service offerings and enhanced brand perception, positioning InfiMobile as a formidable competitor in the MVNO space.

  • Continued partnership with GraspLet for ongoing support, ensuring sustained growth and competitiveness in the dynamic telecommunications market.


The collaboration between InfiMobile and GraspLet exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic consultancy services in the telecommunications industry. By leveraging GraspLet's expertise in MVNO services, InfiMobile successfully navigated regulatory complexities, optimized operational efficiency, and differentiated its offerings in the competitive US market. As InfiMobile continues to expand its footprint and innovate its service portfolio, the partnership with GraspLet remains instrumental in driving sustained growth and success.

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