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Case Study 

Transforming Healthcare with Bespoke eMAR Software: A Case Study of HealthWise


HealthWise, a leading healthcare provider, recognized the need to streamline medication administration processes and enhance patient safety through the implementation of an Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) system. To address this challenge, HealthWise partnered with GraspLet, a renowned software consultancy firm specializing in bespoke solutions. This case study illustrates the collaborative effort between HealthWise and GraspLet to develop and implement a tailored eMAR software solution, revolutionizing medication management practices within the healthcare facility.


In the healthcare landscape, medication errors pose significant risks to patient safety and quality of care. Traditional paper-based medication administration processes are prone to errors and inefficiencies, necessitating the adoption of digital solutions such as eMAR systems. HealthWise recognized the imperative of modernizing its medication management practices and sought GraspLet's expertise to design and implement a customized eMAR software solution.

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Challenges Faced:

Medication Administration Accuracy:

Ensuring the accurate and timely administration of medications to patients, minimizing the risk of errors and adverse drug events.

Bespoke Software Development:

Developing a customised eMAR software solution tailored to meet the unique workflow and requirements of HealthWise's healthcare professionals.

Platform and Infrastructure:

Designing a robust and scalable software platform capable of seamlessly integrating with existing healthcare systems and infrastructure.

Web & Mobile App Development:

Creating user-friendly web and mobile applications to facilitate medication administration tasks for healthcare providers.

UX/UI Design: .

Designing an intuitive and user-centric interface that enhances usability and promotes efficient navigation for healthcare staff.

API Development & Software Integration:

Developing APIs and integrating third-party software solutions to enable interoperability and data exchange between different healthcare systems.

Solution Provided by GraspLet:

Bespoke Software Development:

GraspLet collaborated closely with HealthWise to understand their unique requirements and workflow, designing and developing a customised eMAR software solution tailored to their specific needs.

Platform and Infrastructure:

Leveraging their expertise in software architecture, GraspLet designed a scalable and secure platform infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration with HealthWise's existing systems and infrastructure.

Web & Mobile App Development:

GraspLet developed user-friendly web and mobile applications, providing healthcare providers with intuitive interfaces to facilitate medication administration tasks on both desktop and mobile devices.

UX/UI Design:

GraspLet's design team crafted an intuitive and visually appealing user interface, prioritising usability and accessibility to enhance the overall user experience for healthcare staff.

API Development & Software Integration:

GraspLet developed APIs and facilitated the integration of third-party software solutions, enabling seamless data exchange and interoperability between the eMAR system and other healthcare systems within HealthWise's ecosystem.


Results and Impact:

The implementation of the bespoke eMAR software solution yielded significant benefits for HealthWise, including:

  • Improved medication administration accuracy and patient safety, reducing the risk of medication errors and adverse drug events.

  • Streamlined workflow and enhanced operational efficiency, enabling healthcare providers to manage medication administration tasks more effectively.

  • Enhanced user experience and satisfaction among healthcare staff, resulting in increased adoption and utilization of the eMAR system.

  • Continued partnership with GraspLet for ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the eMAR system remains optimised and aligned with evolving healthcare needs and regulations.


The collaboration between HealthWise and GraspLet exemplifies the transformative impact of bespoke software solutions in the healthcare industry. By leveraging GraspLet's expertise in software consulting and development, HealthWise successfully modernized its medication management practices and enhanced patient safety through the implementation of an eMAR system tailored to its unique needs. As HealthWise continues to leverage technology to drive innovation and excellence in patient care, the partnership with GraspLet remains instrumental in achieving their strategic objectives and delivering value to stakeholders.

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